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So far, in 23 different readings in “How to Understand the Bible,” through Bible Gateway we’ve covered three main areas: 1) approaching the Bible; 2) understanding the Old Testament; and 3) understanding the New Testament.

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Now we come to the fourth and final section, seven readings on “Interpreting the Bible.”

I feel very strongly about the importance of the next seven readings! They include…

  • What is the most natural way to read the Bible?
  • How can we hear God’s voice in Scripture?
  • What are the proper ways to apply Scripture to life today?
  • How can we refine our understanding of biblical theology?
  • How can we know if someone is giving false teaching?
  • What are some good plans and disciplines for reading Scripture?

These final readings will begin next week. I feel strongly about this because our understanding of the Bible is meaningless if we apply it in ways that violates God’s intended messages. Worse than that, when people give a warped interpretation of Scripture, they are insulting God and possibly damaging others. The writers of Scripture themselves warned about false teaching.

So, here’s what we’re going to do. Most of the readings coming up will include an opportunity for you to make comments and ask questions. I will respond to a few representative questions each week.

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