A Prayer for When You Are Seriously Ill

Illness is not only distressing, but confusing. Many people have a hard time knowing what to pray when they are seriously ill. The Scriptures make it clear that God listens to the cries of our hearts when we are in distress (the Psalms especially demonstrate that). It is honoring to God whenever we talk to him. If you do not know what to pray when you are seriously ill, here is one possibility…

Dear God,

I hurt.

My body is not working like it used to. I do not like being weak. I do not like pain. I do not like uncertainty. Thank you for letting me tell you this.

Your word tells me that I can ask you for your healing. So I do ask you now. I plead with you now. Please make me more well than I am now.

My spirit groans within me as well, dear God. Because my body hurts, my soul hurts. I am discouraged. I need you to strengthen my heart. I do not want the suffering in my soul to affect my family and friends.

Help me, dear Lord, when people say things that do more harm than good. They may not know I do not need platitudes right now. I need them.

Dear God, my hurting body causes me to feel so alone. I don’t want to be limited. I don’t want to be confined to my bed. I feel ashamed that I am not able to accomplish what I used to. I hate feeling like I’m letting other people down.

Help me, dear God, not to listen to false promises. But help me also not to be hopeless.

I look to you, Lord Jesus, my suffering savior, my hurting Lord, my rejected friend. As you looked beyond the cross, scorning its shame, and had joy for what lay ahead, give me faith to have a settled soul, despite whatever is in my path.


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8 thoughts on “A Prayer for When You Are Seriously Ill

  1. This is so timely. My mother has been in a local nursing home to be cared for her while she battles severe arthritis. Her pain is almost unbearable at times. She has been there since before thanksgiving. I know she is feeling very useless and all that goes with being totally dependent on others. I cannot wait to bring this prayer to her. I thank Father God for leading me to it.Thank you Mel for allowing God to use you in this way.
    ( There is hope of transitioning to an assisted living facility)

  2. This prayer expresses what I am feeling – what I have been feeling! I am 75 – soon to be 76. I have been having health problems that impact on my abilities to do things that I want to do – that I must do! Our Church wants to become an Acts II Church and I want so badly to contribute my “spiritual gifts” in some (even small) way. I have family who need me for moral, spiritual and physical support. I feel so helpless that I cannot give more.

    Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful Bible verses and this beautiful prayer.


  3. That is a perfect prayer for my condition. Thank you, it’s beautiful. It sounds written just for me. Severe constant pain, disabled with deteriorating mobility, in fact I can hardly walk and need Canadian crutches or a wheelchair. I can’t walk far. I have terrible fatigue, multiple medications, multiple failing body systems from liver to central and peripheral nervous system, spinal deformities, hiatal hernia with vocal chord damage bad, post polio syndrome, immune system disorder, liver damage, on strong pain medication for ten years now, breast cancer survivor, constant falls with serious injuries like concussions and broken bones, heart attack this year, the list goes on and on. Emotionally I’m frail due to my physical suffering and limitations. I’m bed bound and house bound. I can’t go to church, have no friends, my children have deserted me years ago except for two of my drug addicted sins who drift in and out of my life between jail and drug binges on heroin, and I live with my similarly disabled 84 year old mother. We have no one other than a self centered self seeking disabled brother who we see when he wants something. We try to grocery shop once or twice a month with me driving and it’s a disaster. Completely. We make slightly more than the state will allow for in home help with anything! No one to help clean, cook, do laundry or even drive. Neither of us gets a visitor except my own disabled brother previously mentioned who shows up a few days a week for money for food cigarettes or gas. But he complains if I ask for help with a ride to the doctors. I was afraid to ask him two days in a row and ended up in a terrible accident and now Mom and I are being sued. I know God Loves is. I have always been sick. Now I am 65, and so sick. I don’t know how much longer I will last like this. All these things are true, unbelievably.