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For individual use or for classes and groups. (Same videos available on DVD.)

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1. Four video segments of Mel Lawrenz’s presentation, “Deepening Your Spiritual Influence: Making a Difference in Life and Leadership” (20 minutes on average). For individual use, for classes, or for “Circles of Influence.”

2. “Stories of Influence” – documentary shorts (five minutes, on average).


“Deepening Your Spiritual Influence” Part 1: “Getting Grounded”
What is “influence,” and how is it connected with spiritual life?





“Deepening Your Spiritual Influence” Part 2: “Taking Initiative”
How higher ideas and ideals become the power of change. What is your “seminal idea”?





“Deepening Your Spiritual Influence” Part 3: “Going Deep”
Developing keen discernment. The power of wisdom and the perils of foolishness





“Deepening Your Spiritual Influence” Part 4: “Facing Challenges”
How to persevere in the face of problems and failures.





“Stories of Influence: Understand Influence”




“Stories of Influence: Learn to Follow–Martin Luther”





“Stories of Influence: Make Things Right–William Wilberforce”




“Stories of Influence: The Power of Truth–Dietrich Bonhoeffer”




“Stories of Influence: Persevere–William Carey”

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