Form a Circle of Influence

Since influence is all about people, it only makes sense to explore the dynamics of our spiritual influence with other people.

“Circles of Influence” is a simple method anyone can use to take a few weeks and discover how to deepen one’s influence with friends, colleagues, or co-workers. “Circles of Influence” is an excellent team-building exercise.

Here are the steps…

1. INVITE three to five of your friends, colleagues, or co-workers to meet about four times to discuss the four parts of the book Spiritual Influence. Decide how many discussions are right for your group (minimum of four recommended). Weekly meetings make sense, or you can do this for a leadership day or retreat.

2. MEET for about 90 minutes each time, using the simple questions on the Circles of Influence Discussion Guide [PDF]. Each participant should have done the reading ahead of time, and made some notes on the discussion sheet. When you meet, you may elect to watch one of the four video segments (approximately 20 minutes) related to the four parts of the book. (DVD available.) Or, to save time, each person can view the video before each meeting.

3. APPLY what you have learned by filling out The Personal Influence Inventory [PDF] and meeting one last time to discuss your next steps to making your influence deeper.

4. (optional) JOIN with each other as a “peer coaching group” by meeting occasionally over the next six to twelve months.

To receive tips and coaching along the way, invite the people in your group to sign up at The Influence Project email list.

Online tools for your Circles of Influence experience…

Circles of Influence Discussion Guide [PDF]

The Personal Influence Inventory [PDF]

Circles of Influence Bookmark [PDF]

[Forthcoming] “Circles of Influence” Facilitator’s Tips [PDF]

Four optional videos (on average, 20 minutes each), available as a DVD, or view online…

Part 1: “Getting Grounded”
Part 2:”Taking Initiative”
Part 3: “Going Deep”
Part 4:”Facing Challenges”


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