NEW: The Leader Development Package


Spiritual Influence: The Hidden Power Behind Leadership, by Mel Lawrenz (Zondervan, 2012).

PDF’s (group resources, etc.)

PDF: Circles of Influence Discussion Guide (one page; use one per person per meeting)

PDF: The Personal Influence Inventory (for individual or group use after reading Spiritual Influence)

PDF: Circles of Influence Bookmark (guidelines for forming a “circle of influence”)

PDF: Chapter 1 of the book Spiritual Influence

PDF: [Forthcoming] How to Do a Leadership Training Day or Retreat

DVD (seminar on deepening your influence)

“Deepening Your Spiritual Influence: Making a Difference in Life and Leadership” (four-part presentation, plus five “Stories of Influence”)

Video Teaching and Stories (online)

Note: The following nine videos are both on the DVD (above), and on the “View the Teachings” page.

Video (online): “Deepening Your Spiritual Influence,” part 1, “Getting Grounded”

Video (online): “Deepening Your Spiritual Influence,” part 2, “Taking Initiative”

Video (online): “Deepening Your Spiritual Influence,” part 3, “Going Deep”

Video (online): “Deepening Your Spiritual Influence,” part 4, “Facing Challenges”

Video (online): “Stories of Influence: Understand Influence”

Video (online): “Stories of Influence: Learn to Follow–Martin Luther”

Video (online): “Stories of Influence: Make Things Right–William Wilberforce”

Video (online): “Stories of Influence: The Power of Truth–Dietrich Bonhoeffer”

Video (online): “Stories of Influence: Persevere–William Carey”




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