“Deepening Your Spiritual Influence” DVD

“Deepening Your Spiritual Influence: Making a Difference in Life and Leadership” DVD

ISBN 978-0-615-65622-9

Based on the book Spiritual Influence: The Hidden Power Behind Leadership, Mel Lawrenz teaches how we can all have a deeper, transforming influence in the lives of people and organizations. Watch the seminar, or use it in a class or a “circle of influence” as a discussion starter.

“If you are in a position of positive influence, if you exercise leadership in any way, your faith in God gives you a power—a hidden power—that will allow you to make an enduring difference in the lives of other people and organizations. But how does that work?” So says Mel Lawrenz in this new seminar which offers practical and biblical guidance to believers who want to have a deep influence and who want to know: How can “spiritual influence” transform our work and lives? Where do good ideas come from? How can we deal with failure? And much more.

This DVD contains four segments of the seminar, plus five inspiring short “Stories of Influence.”

GETTING GROUNDED: What is influence and how is it connected with spiritual life? (25 min.)

TAKING INITIATIVE: How higher ideas and ideals become the power of change. What is your “seminal idea”? (20 min.)

GOING DEEP: Developing keen discernment. The power of wisdom and the perils of foolishness. (23 min.)

FACING CHALLENGES: How to persevere in the face of problems and failures. (14 min.)

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