On This Day, the World Changed

That may seem like hyperbole, but it is not. On this day, October 31, exactly 500 years ago, a set of seminal ideas were released that began a rediscovery of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This was the day when a young Martin Luther posted on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, his 95 theses. These propositions raised questions about forgiveness, authority, grace, and other core principles.
Bestselling author of the biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Eric Metaxas, has given us a fresh new accounting of the life and impact of Martin Luther. Eric’s book is getting rave reviews. On this day you can get the book HERE.
And, here is a short video showing the spiritual influence of Martin Luther.

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2 thoughts on “On This Day, the World Changed

  1. Well dr. lawernz

    I will study that bible with you

    You love him as I do

    I love elmbrook church

    Can not attend do to extreme family problems

    The easy answer

    Press delete


  2. Dr. Lawrenz,

    Eric Mataxas has a number of critics about his other books yet on your recommendation I will get this book.

    I was watching PBS tonite seeing works about Coltrane then a show about the church and her music followed by a travel show seeing the church of Francis of Asissi that great reformer!

    “Funny how that spirit works

    Poetry is plausible deniability

    Never said that as my family are all evangelical

    Watched a documentary about Coltrane on PBS

    Who softened my heart to his spirt

    Made music to him

    Followed by a show about church music going back centuries

    Wynton wrote the score to bring his Church together

    Followed by a travel show showing a thirteenth century church

    featuring art of Francis of Assisi

    The great reformer

    My former employer the oldest in America but for the Church

    Our dearest Elmbrook pastor says to lead one must learn to follow

    Funny and mysterious how that spirit works”

    Poetry for me is plausible deniability

    I learned the way the world really works from my former employer.

    I can learn about the Bible from you.