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“Spiritual leadership means awakening people to the creatures they really are in Christ. It is like rousing armies of people who are asleep to a great work they must do.”

Spiritual Leadership Today


Later this month The Brook Network will offer an online leadership development seminar with Mel Lawrenz for church leaders, parents, educators, leaders in business settings, healthcare workers, community leaders, etc. The video-based online seminar is appropriate for individuals or groups, and will include discussion tools. (The online version allows for interaction. A DVD version will also be available.)

Our world is in a leadership crisis. People want to know: Where is the integrity? The honesty? The sacrifice? The humility? The substance? The wisdom?

Where is leadership that will raise people up? Make us better people? Deal with the great issues of our day? Connect us with God?

This seminar plunges into many issues including:

  • basing leadership on one’s relationship with God
  • character development
  • where good ideas come from
  • dealing with criticism and failure
  • how to persevere
  • wisdom-based leadership
  • being a discerning leader
  • evaluating opportunities
  • and more.

The video seminar is based on and connected to Zondervan’s soon-to-be-released Spiritual Leadership Today: Having Deep Influence in Every Walk of Life by Mel Lawrenz (a revised and expanded paperback edition of the previously titled Spiritual Influence.)

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“No one really wants to follow you, per se. They really don’t. They want to know that, by following you, they are really following a higher principle, a transcendent truth.”

Spiritual Leadership Today

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