A Prayer for Election Day

One of the most important qualities that almost everyone ignores.

Here in my home state of Wisconsin, Tuesday is voting day. In all the political commentary these days, once again there is one quality that is almost never mentioned: wisdom. Young Solomon pleased God when he said, “Give me wisdom and knowledge, that I may lead this people, for who is able to govern this great people of yours?” That is the issue for today, especially because the next president of the U.S. will be not just the most powerful person in the U.S., and not just in the world, but in all of history (given ever-increasing military might). Here, then, is a prayer we may pray for any election day…

Dear God,

You have said in your word that whenever we know we need wisdom, we should ask for it, and that you will give it generously.

As we take the extraordinary step to vote for our local, regional, and national leaders, we pray for your wisdom from above.

Grant us wisdom to know the way you look on the affairs of our nation.

Grant us wisdom to understand how you view our world today.

Grant us wisdom to know what an ordered and just and compassionate society looks like.

Grant us wisdom to know what to do with the reality of evil.

Grant us wisdom to uphold the defenseless.

Grant us wisdom to love you and love our neighbor as ourselves.

Lord, we pray that our leaders will personally understand that you are a dynamic reality in the world and in our lives.

May we be a nation which depends on you, acknowledges your blessings, and values what you value.

And on the day after the election, Lord, help us to be faithful members of your kingdom and responsible citizens of the nation we inhabit.

In Christ’s name and for his sake, Amen.

(from Prayers for Our Lives: 95 Lifelines to God for Everyday Circumstances)


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8 thoughts on “A Prayer for Election Day

  1. I believe the Tower of Babel is very fitting at this time. According to my Zondervan Study Bible, NAS, the commentary stated that “the tower of Babel was a proud attempt by man to take destiny into his own hands, and by self-centered efforts, to have unrestrained rebellion against God”. This is the very direction that our world (and our country) is headed unless we can elect leaders in all forms of government and the courts that represent God first, before constituents. Since we are all sinners, we will never have the perfect candidate. I pray that we can elect one that is closest to God’s values.

  2. I suggest we pray to God that He prompt and raised up quality people; capable of leadership,full of wisdom, full of faith. Sometimes the struggle to decide is the lack of a good leader on the ballot. It has become hard for people with caliber to step in the fray. AM

  3. Awesome prayer for God’s people to seek Him! Seems trivial but it is God and not polls are opinions decide for use but our Lord. Thanks Mel.

  4. We must pray for a person who will lead your country and the world into peace and not into more wars. People’s intentions are not immediately clear and only God knows what is inside each person.

    Lyndon Johnson was fond of saying that “Any jackass can kick a barn down. It takes a carpenter to build one.”
    We need to make sure we separate the jackasses from the carpenters. And make sure the carpenters win.

  5. This prayer was a great way to begin my today. Today is Election Day in Wisconsin and I am in great need of His wisdom. Thank you Mel.