A Thought and a Prayer for the New Year

Only God knows the future, and, more importantly, is the caretaker and Lord of the future. In Christian faith there is a bedrock truth that enables believers to move into the future with assurance: providence. The God of the Bible is above all reality, encompassing in his vision and embracing in his power our past, present, and future. God purchases no calendars, he keeps no schedule on a smartphone, he doesn’t develop project charts. He is never surprised by what happens, but is alternately pleased and displeased by what does happen. God talks us toward a good future, pointing us toward a life goal that no human being would have conceived. The good path is always just the next few steps in the direction of the good end.

A Prayer for the New Year

Lord God, as I think about the year ahead I do have hope, but I admit I have some fears as well. I am carrying into the new year some problems from the past year. I also know that it is always possible that unexpected things might happen.

And so I throw myself on your mercy, dear God. In you I take refuge. I am glad that I can entrust the upcoming year to you, and to entrust my very self to you. Purify my heart, O Lord. Teach me your ways. Help me to make good, right, and healthy choices.

I also entrust my loved ones to you. I know how much they need your care. Please protect and guide them.

And, dear God, we pray for peace in our troubled world. We ask you to judge what is evil and to protect the innocent.

We take comfort in your words, “Behold, I am making all things new.” [Rev. 21:5]

Make my life new again.

In Christ’s Name,



From Prayers for Life: 100 Lifelines to God for All of Life’s Circumstances by Mel Lawrenz



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3 thoughts on “A Thought and a Prayer for the New Year

  1. Spending the holiday season with family outside Dallas during devastating storms which humbly reminds us of our “earthly insignificance” and a complete reliance on God and His will in our lives.
    Thank you, Mel, for your dedicated steadfast reminders and wisdom!

  2. THANK YOU for A Thought and a Prayer for the New Year!! I used this article on The Morning Show this Morning (1-8-16 @ 6:15am) Very Powerful!! Thank You Brook Network!! looking forwar for more Great Articles..
    Jim Berni
    The Light 95.9