From Suffering Nepal

[On the ground report from Christian leader in Kathmandu, Nepal]

Greetings from suffering Nepal!

I am glad that you all are praying for us and by God’s grace we are fine and  our missionaries are quite fine.

The disastrous Earthquake with an 7.8 of magnitude has struck the country of Nepal killing more than 5000 people. UN Reports that 8 million people have been affected and many have become homeless, parents less and widows. My heart cry when I see people desperate, watch the news and see the television report. There is a shortage of food, water and tents to sleep. Almost 90% people of Kathmandu valley are sleeping on the street and open space, but very few have got the tents. Markets, banks, transportation and business houses are closed. People are queuing to rush for the food and water in Kathmandu, I cannot imagine what might happen to the hardest hit region like Gorkha, Dhading, Kavre and Sindhupalchol. They do not have food, water and shelter to hide. The nature is completely against of  us because it started to rain which has obstructed the relief works and it has put  lives in misery. The big group rescue team has not been able to reach into the affected area to deliver the food and medicine due to lack of transportation.  Only few have made it there.   Due to the dead bodies of human, animal are started decaying under the rubbles. Lack of safe drinking water the people are getting sick and there is warning of a possible epidemic outbreak. ‘Some hospitals and  Kathmandu valley are already seeing many children and adult with diarrheal diseases’ due to poor sanitation and water.  The Kathmandu post on 29th of April reports that a total of 4768 died, 9589 people injured, around 50,000 pregnant women are affected by the  earthquake.

On Saturday,  25th of April,  It was a worship day in Nepal, while Christian of Nepal worshiping in the churches, suddenly killer earthquake hit the nation. Some churches have been destroyed and almost 100 Christians have died. Kumar Sinha Bista, reports that one of the churches with 100 members was having

Fellowship in a seven story building in Sukedhara, central Kathmandu, while Christian was having fellowship in the fourth floor the whole building collapsed and more than 25 believers were killed and many were injured.

Likewise, Mr. Sarju Rijal reports that ‘Two churches have been totally collapsed in Bhaktapur.    One of the Pastors of Bhaktapur shared, “More than 40 families have badly affected by the Earthquake. Their houses are totally collapsed.   He further says; more than 200 Christian families are seriously by the earthquake. According to a local pastor, one church has collapsed, killing 9 church members on the spot. Many churches are cracked. Many Christian families have lost their houses. Many people are stocked in the debris not there are need of rescue team in the area

Many Churches in Kathmandu have been affected, but confirmed report still to come.

Government together several internal agencies are trying to get the rescue materials in the affected areas, but due to landslide, rain and remote areas the rescue works have been very much difficult. The helicopters are trying to land with the rescue works, but they have not been able to land. Only small helicopters are sending the rescue time. The rescue operation and relief materials are not enough, many people are without tent, medicine, food and water. Dead bodies of human and animals are still under the rubbles and sickness has started to spread.

The government doesn’t seem very keen on receiving foreign team to do rescue works because the government says they only need expertise and appearance to help in this disaster.

Our office building has got a few cracks in few places, but we can still use it. We need to repair it.

We are paying for get involved in restoration and rebuilding the affected people though there is imidiate needs of buying foods, clothing, utensils and plastic tents. We have missionaries in those affected areas, we are going to form a team and work with them to serve the people, our prayer and hope is to get involved in rebuilding the houses and provide the support for the widows and orphans due to the catastrophic earthquake.

Now, I would like make and heartfelt appeal to you all and pray for the helping these people and building the community through the love of Christ. Kindly pray and help us with financial support and possibly by sending the team to build the community soon.

Attached are few photographs that I downloaded from the website.

Please pray for us.  Should you have any further inquiries please get back to me.

In Him,

Ram P



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